Benefits of Psychological Assessments for Adults or Children

Dr.Gray may recommend psychological testing to determine your and/or your child's strength and weaknesses so that everyone involved - including physicians, counselors, family and teachers or employers - can better understand how your and/or your child's brain and reasoning skills work.

These standardized tests evaluate cognitive functions such as intelligence, language, visual-motor skills, attention and organizational skills.

Testing is helpful when diagnosing or developing treatment plans for certain mental health conditions (ADD/ADHA, Dyslexia or other reading challenges, Autism Spectrum Disorder including Aspergers Syndrome, Depression, OCD, Mood Disorders), learning disabilities, or problems at school or work.

The primary goal of psychological testing is to give you and/or your child the attention he or she needs to succeed in all aspects of life.Then, if necessary, we’ll connect you with the right resources to help you and/or your child succeed at home at school or at work.

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